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We are working with orphanages in other countries. Connect with us to help the children. We also have plans to work with the homeless. Those are the two visions we have at this time.

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Help these children have a better quality of life. We help them keep a roof over their heads!

Praying over prayer cloths.

Four sisters and I anointed and prayed over prayer cloths to send to the orphanages.

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We are starting to get back testimonies from the pastors! Praise the Lord!

Anointing the prayer cloths.

There were over 700 prayer cloths that we sent to Kenya, Liberia, India, Cameroon, and Uganda.

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10-27-21 they received their prayer cloths!

Give God the glory!


We sent the cloths to pastors. Many also work with the widows. Here is a testimony: Good morning dear pastor Deborah, how are you, thank you for sending prayer cloths where those distributed to our church and orphan children each one. as the word of God says with faith we receive His healing, He heals our broken hearts whether physical or spiritual, there are some old age homeless widows in our church about 30 of them we care where we distributed them as they suffering with knee and back pains, fevers and many are also luke-warm in faith and we declared the power of God into their lives to fully commit to the Lord, and last week many of them testified that they are healed and feeling well and able to walk and their faith strengthened. all glory to God, Praise the Lord.


On January 1 we will be sending out the January Little Lambs Newsletter.

The children in the orphanages loved the December issue.

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